The iligo team of consultants favors a lateral and integrated approach built on three centers of expertise.




Consumer Research

Understanding consumer habits, preferences and attitudes



Media Research

Delivering insights on consumers’ interactions with new media



Communication Research

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing levers (pre and post-tests, touch points, ROI marketing)



Digital revolution, evolving markets, increasing personalization. All these developments lead to a more complex marketing environment which has fundamentally changed the relationship between individuals and business, brands and media. The multiplicity of contacts and growing mobility lead consumers to continuously modify their ways of thinking, behaving and obtaining information. To better understand these new issues and fully address them, iligo projects itself as a Research Agency.

“Research” enables effective analysis and discovery of emerging trends through reliable quantitative data and qualitative observation. “Agency” means we apply our mastery of methodologies to arrive at significant operational and strategic conclusions.

We choose this approach to ensure our insights can help make a positive impact on clients’ business. The iligo team of consultants favors an integrated multi-disciplinary approach built on three centers of expertise.



Here are some examples of the assignments we have recently conducted successfully :

Mixed methodologies

  • Analysis of user experience on a web browser on touch screen devices
  • The New Femininity: identification and quantification of contemporary femininity values for a women’s weekly published by Mondadori
  • Luxury Lovers: the influence of new electronic digital media on luxury consumers in 4 countries for Microsoft Advertising Worldwide
  • The impact of digital media on consumers’ appreciation and support of the arts for the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Understanding of media consumption

  • “Sans information nous ne sommes rien?” : the new ways in which the French select and consume information
  • The new modes of media consumption among young people: “l’ère du multi-tasking”
  • The new modes of media consumption within the family: “le concept du se faire ensemble”
  • The intrusion of mainstream media in workplaces: “les médias à l’assaut des bureaux”

Measuring the effectiveness of the media

  • Post-evaluations of advertising campaigns
  • Measuring the contribution of the new digital screens in terms of advertising effectiveness for a national TV channel
  • Tracking the perception of digital display formats using eye-tracking technology

Evaluating the influence of channels

  • Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Accessories
  • Fast moving consumer products
  • Computing, high-tech
  • Telephony (Operators and manufacturers)
  • Financial services
  • E-commerce

Measuring ROI of marketing

  • Fast moving consumer products
  • Bancassurance
  • E-commerce sites


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The iligo team is a member of ESOMAR, the world association of market research professionals.