A Taste of Home

  • Agency : Isobar
  • Place :  China
  • Knorr, one of the brands belonging to UFS (Unilever Food Solutions)
Objective / insight


  • The CNY (Chinese New Year/Spring Festival)  is a reunion time when family members would all come home and enjoy a well-prepared feast. However, chefs need to work in restaurants, and cannot reunite with their families
  • Most Chinese chefs are migrant workers coming from different provinces and speaking different dialects. They love to pass a break with a cigarette in one hand and a smartphone in the other hand
  • UFS wanted to penetrate into Chinese huge, saturated and highly scattered B2B restaurant industry by establishing emotional connection with Chinese chefs on CNY


Implemented strategy


  • The campaign is 100% launched on mobile via Wechat platform
  • In cooperation with Tencent Big Data Platform, UFS had firstly insights into online digital behavior of chef groups
  • According to the insights, 6 designed mobile engagements relevant to CNY tradition, dialect and local cuisine that are native to chefs’ province will be send to chefs
  • To participate in engagement activities, chefs are invited to input PIN code from Knorr products and share their experience on Wechat
Technology implemented


  • Tencent Big Data ensured that the campaign only reached professional chefs by using social data, behavioural data and previous campaign interaction data
  • Via big data analyze and social insight, UFS also successfully detected each chef’s province of birth, in order to send precisely targeted engagement contents


  • 25 million precisely reached
  • 73% of chefs liked the video in social
  • Over one third of the views of the video came from social sharing
  • The Knorr chefs community on WeChat grew by almost 20%
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