Aami SmartPlates 

By Aami
  • Agency : Oglivy & Mather Melbourne
  • Place : Australia
  • AAMI is one of Australia’s leading insurers.
Objective / insight
  • 45% of young Australian deaths are due to road traffic accidents.
  • In Australia, learner drivers (or L-Platers) are required to record their on-road driving hours (120 hours) using a government mandated manual logbook, each time they go for a supervised practice drive. However this is an old-school system which is stressful, inaccurate and doesn’t add any value
  • AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive
Implemented strategy
  • AAMI SmartPlates completely reinvents the way young Australians learn to drive
  • AAMI transforms their smartphone into a real-time digital driving tracker and coach.
  • It connects with parents, kids, communities and government authorities by helping keep the next generation of Australian drivers safe
  • The mobile app tracks every detail of every drive, now learners can focus on the road
Technology implemented
  • It Uses captured data to give young drivers a more accurate report of their driving experience
  • Captured data gets crunched into skills sets so Learners, parents and instructors can gain a complete picture of their progress,
  • In addition to digital and mobile platform, the launch of AAMI SmartPlates is supported by an integrated media campaign including EDM’s, digital media, YouTube, cinema, social, outdoor and collateral
  • +16 million people reached
  • Featured in over 100 pieces of national media
  • 88% positive sentiment towards AAMI Brand
  • Earned PR/Advertising value over 2million AU$
  • 5193 unique downloads,
  • 100% South Australian target achieved in first month.
  • 120,000 website visits in the first month.
  • 1.5 million online impressions for launch video