Ai Buddy

  • Agency : We Believers
  • Place : U.S.
  • Vidax Center, a pedagogical therapy team studying family and school issues from a psychpedagogical perspective
Objective / insight


  • Since 2001 more than 3 million children in the world have had one of their parents deployed and thousands of them lost a parent because of war
  • These children experience high rates of mental health problems. With 1 in 4 reported to have considered suicide
  • Vidax center assembled a team of health professionals and digital developers to create Ai Buddy to support kids during the crises


Implemented strategy
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Ai Buddy is be trained by Psychologists and Pediatricians to become a virtual member of the family
  • Ai Buddy collects social data from close relatives and functional data to shape its personality
  • Ai Buddy stays connected throughout the day sending messages to any smart device, constantly checking physical inputs to detect possible emergencies and using the information available online to help with homework
Technology implemented


  • AI buddy collects data and information to shape its personality from close relatives scanning their emails, texts, social media posts
  • A Parallel process is being ran with professionals on both social and Psychological, to define human interactions and add an “emotion containment” data resource, to avoid stressful results in first iterations of the UX
  • Final data will be contained behind an API and shared by Jsn-like commands, to ensure hygienic and secure data interactions


  • Ai Buddy has been well tested on 5 control groups
  • A premising beta version has been completed
  • Provisional patent has been filed for