Air France app, your best travel companion

  • Agency : BETC
  • Place : France
  • Air France, a French airline company
Objective / insight
  • Applications providing help with transportations, have become increasingly popular. 3 billions of them have been downloaded in 2016 (+ 50 % compared to 2014)
  • Air France is facing fierce competition from low cost airlines and aims at differentiating itself by improving its customer experience
  • Air France therefore decided to upgrade its app and improve the services offered to customers
Implemented strategy
  • The data previously collected is now accessible by users and, thanks to the app, they can for example see how many miles they have been flying with Air France
  • The data is used to correct possible mistakes from partnering booking websites. For example, if a customer has always asked for vegetarian meals but for this flight, he will be notified by Air France
  • The entertainment resources are now available through the app during the flight. On top of that, if a passenger hasn’t finished watching a movie, he will receive a code giving him access during 72 hours to the end of that movie
  • The app now also provides information about travel destination from now on
Technology implemented
  • Years of customer data have been aggregated
  • An algorithm has been developed to spot regular patterns through the customer database, such as choice of food
  • The Air France application has been upgraded and offers now information on previous flight history, provides insight on travel destinations, and gives access to entertainment resources
  • The app has been downloaded 5 million times (most downloads happened before the upgrade)
  • it has more than 1 million active users per month
  • it carries out 1 million check-ins daily


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