• Place : Puerto Rico
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  • WALTY is the name given to this smart planter and was newly created by Karlos Miranda and Kevin Rivera from the WATRIC Energy Resources. This company was established in 2018 in Puerto Rico. Following the various natural disasters in this country, inhabitants had difficulties to find drinking water. Therefore, founders decided to create WATRIC to help Puerto Ricans face these challenges by developing clean technology and “implementing new techniques for resource extraction and renewable energy”.
Objective / insight
  • « As a parent of a failed plant, I remembered the pain I felt when I forgot to water my bonsai tree at university. Homework and exams got the better of me. I survived the exams, but not my poor bonsai. That’s when I realized how our water production technology could make people’s lives easier. » With these words from Karlos and Kevin, we can understand that the main objective of WALTY is to help people who might forget or just do not have time to watering their plants. Thanks to this smart device plants are watering every two days without any interventions.
Implemented strategy
  • As indicated above, WATRIC Energy Resources had the project to provide clean drinking water to Puerto Ricans, as they have difficulties to have water following the damage caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. However, this project is quite huge and require additional funding. That is why, they created WALTY. And thanks to this campaign, they will use the funding to develop their first idea.
Technology implemented
  • WALTY create water from the air, with the lower energy, and is autonomous. It works as dehumidifier; “it extracts air’s humidity with cold plates that force water droplets to condense and fill a tank”.
  • The financing of this project is expected to stop on the 10th September 2021 and will be accepted only if they reach their objective. Hopefully, they succeed in having more funds than expected. Therefore, this project will be relevant.


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