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  • Agency : J. Walter Thompson
  • Place :  Brazil
  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is an international mutual aid fellowship which aims to help alcoholics to achieve sobriety
Objective / insight


  • Teens in Brazil are beginning to drink earlier and in larger quantities
  • However, although cases of alcoholism have increased among them, asking for help and information seem far away from their world
  • AA want to be closer to teens, so they can look for help without being ashamed of it, but also does it in a private and wide-reaching way
Implemented strategy


  • AA created a Facebook Chatbot that helps teens with alcoholism
  • For every question asked by a teen with alcoholism, there is an answer generated from a data base that gathered testimonials who know exactly how a person with drinking problems feels, without any judgement
  • Teens stayed after reading the answer and identifying themselves in them
  • All content was made to guide people to a nearby group, which can be done simply by sharing your location
Technology implemented


  • AA set up a three-month research, and recorded more than 34 hours of tesimonials from AA members
  • Those testimonials were turned into a data base which could fill conversation flow inside the Facebook chatbot
  • Then the chatbot could respond to users in a personalized way, in order to encourage them to share their geolocalization and to join AA


  • In the first week after launch, more than 100 000 people talked to the chatbot
  • 60% of them are teenagers
  • Daily requests for help to AA’s email increased by 1300%
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