Audience Planning

  • Agency : ADventori
  • Place : France
Advertiser :
  • Founded in 2000, is the first online travel agency in France. Before being called, it was previously named
Objective / insight
  • To promote hundreds of destinations, has industrialized the personalization of its campaigns and simplify it : the personalized message matched the consumer’s expectations.
  • The aim of this strategy is to deliver a relevant message to the consumer and to give a higher level of performance to the announcer. The 3rd edition of the Grand Prix Data et Créativité has applause this strategy and awarded the consumer relation prize.
Implemented strategy
  • set up a one-to-one strategy based on consumer knowledge mixing creativity, data and business issues. 45 scenarios have been created based on geolocation data, 1st party data (journeys, prices, dates) and 27 audiences from its Data Management Platform.
  • Geolocation inspired some scenarios of the campaign : in function of the consumer position, the algorithm calculates and adapts the message and the offer. It is then able to propose the closer departure station and a selection of possible destinations.
Technology implemented
  • Based on data-driven, creative technology of ADventori permitted to dynamize ads banners in real time, the content of the advertisements adapts to the situation of each user.
  • The Audience Planning campaign had been possible by using a creative meta template. It permitted to generate more than 300 000 creatives possibilities in one dynamic banner based on 45 scenarios and 10 multivariate tests. This device allowed a win of performance of 30% for the brand.
  • Furthermore, the strategic base permitted to to drive its campaign and to test new dispositive, and to significatively reduce its creative costs, but also the launch cost of a campaign, while providing precious insights to improve its knowledge of its clients and ads.
  • Creative costs has been divided by 4
  • +30% of performance for personalized contents VS non-personalized contents
  • The time for launching a campaign has been reduced from 1 month to 2 weeks
  • Continuous collection of insights in order to better qualify and improve advertisements and their knowledge of their clients
  • Performance optimization of each creatives thanks to AB testing method


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