The Fire Performance

  • Agency : Coffee / MullenLowe
  • Place : U.S.A.
Advertiser :
  • Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.
Objective / insight
  • Burger King has been known for its innovative and pretty-cray type of advertising. They tried and achieved to be very aggressive in general and it always comes at the expense of some of its competition, which is generally McDonald’s.
  • The American franchise has been using AR for quite sometimes, like when they made you burn the ads of its rivals or when they used it to drive engagement towards its community. Every event is an occasion and Burger King has been very vocal about the fact that they wanted to create something out of its medias, and it goes with its application, which is considered a great tool to create special and immersive experiences for the people that love the brand and that are enjoying each and every of its special ads.
  • After Tinie Tempah for the UK, it is the turn of the rapper Lil Yachty, to collaborate with the brand. At the time, they used AR to make the rapper appear on a whopper to perform its single “Whopper”.
  • This time, it happened during the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of August, with augmented reality appearances. Indeed, Lil Yachty took over the award show, by performing its song, “Top Down” with the King, which is the original mascot of Burger King. The experience has been going on through the Burger King official application. We can definitely say that the two made an AR appearance, perfectly appropriate in those times when large gatherings such as award shows cannot be done, and they deliver a great show. Burger King has been pushing people to use their app, and yet again, the tool is the only way to live that special experience.
Implemented strategy
  • With its new communication campaign, Burger King has set up a new experience for the fans. Viewers need to scan a QR with their mobile phone that will open the gates for this event, which is “hosted” by the rapper Lil Yachty and their burger franchise’ favorite mascot, called the King (obviously). People were able to enjoy an exceptional live of “Top Down” featuring the King and the QR code, used for this, is also a way to benefit from many advantages such as a free Whopper sandwich won with a previous purchase on the Burger King App as well as the opportunity to be granted a full year’s of free Whoppers along with a ticket to the 2021 VMAs ceremony.
Technology implemented
  • Who needs stadiums when AR exists. In fact, Burger King has used AR technology to create this campaign with help digital content and experience agency Coffee. AR technology was crucial in order to create some king of concert using the QR code as “key” to access the live. With AR, people have been streaming the live through their smartphone, with the sensation of being entertained by Lil Yatchy as if they were in a real concert, but this times, with a special hype man by his side.
  • Unknown.


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