• Agency : MullenLowe Group
  • Place : Colombia
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  • Redoxon was the brand name of the first artificially synthesized ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The brand was at first marketed to the general public by Hoffman-La Roche in 1934, making it the first mass-manufactured synthetic vitamin in history. It is now owned by German pharmaceutical company Bayer and is sold in many countries.
Objective / insight
  • It is the first time that a vitamin C brand in the Nutritional’s Category, namely Redoxon by Bayer, got together a team of elite gamers in order to provide the ultimate protection in the world of gaming.
  • Due to the health situation related to COVID-19, health is at the center of our concerns.  Bayer immunity boosting vitamin C supplement, Redoxon, is taking real world protection into the virtual world to remind young people of the importance of having a strong immune system.
  • Patricia Corsi, global chief marketing and digital officer, consumer health division of Bayer, commented, “For over 80 years, Redoxon has been a pioneer in helping to keep your immune system – your body’s natural protector – in top form. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to connect in a relevant way with young people around the world and educate them about the importance of supporting and maintaining their natural defences. Through the Redoxon Defense Squad, we were able to deliver this important message to over 3.7 million young people in a compelling way and contribute to the wellbeing of the population.”
Implemented strategy
  • The brand created the Redoxon Defense Squad, which brought together some of the best Free Fire players in the world to help gamers strengthen their defenses in a series of live-streamed games events across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook in Latin America. The Squad includes World Free Fire Champion, Nobru, the Youtube star, TheDonato, as well as leading LATAM gamers, Cerol, ElChino_RB, Adonis_TH and Machika, who have a combined following on YouTube of over 44M subscribers.
Technology implemented
  • The brand decided to create a free mobile game played by the best gamers in the world. Alex Okada, global creative director for Bayer at MullenLowe Group, added, “Video games have played an incredibly important role in helping young people feel connected during these times, so an activation of this scale was the perfect way to connect with a younger audience and extend the protection Redoxon offers in the real world to the virtual world. We’re very proud and excited the campaign achieved such great results, thanks to the dedication of the team involved, and hope that through this campaign we have empowered young people to take charge of their health.
  • Initially, the playing time was initially set to 90 minutes, however the event was so popular that Redoxon achieved over 13 hours of streaming time. The videos have now been viewed by over 3.7 million people, with over 200,000 comments across all of the streams.


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