BORDEAUX 2050 – The real taste of climate change

  • Agency : McCann Paris
  • Place : France
  • The French Association of Journalists for the Environment (AJE), an independent environmental friendly media
Objective / insight
  • Dedicated to raise awareness about environmental issues, the AJE wanted to help people to picture the effect of global warming
  • For this purpose they chose to focus on the red wine from Bordeaux, a product that many people around the world know, and show how global warming will affect its’ taste
Implemented strategy
  • The AJE partnered with researchers and scientist to predict the climate in which the Bordeaux wine will develop in 2050
  • They then collected grapes from two varieties typical of the Bordeaux region, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, that grew in climate conditions similar to those Bordeaux will undergo in 2050, such as Tunisia or Languedoc Roussillon
  • Those grapes were used to produce the Bordeaux 2050 wine in the Merignac Laboratory Excel
  • Journalists and other people were then invited to taste this wine and see for themselves how the wine had lost in refinement and elegance while gaining in density and dryness
Technology implemented
  • Predictive data about climate change
  • Laboratory tools to create a simulated wine
  • 500 million organic impression
  • 100 000 mentions on social media


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