Build To Give with LEGO


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  • Lego, styled in LEGO, is a range of construction toys manufactured by the Danish group The Lego Group. It consists of interlocking bricks, figurines and various other parts.
Objective / insight
  • People have been struggling this past year with the infamous pandemic of the COVID-19 that changes the life of many around the world. The phenomenon continues to strike in all countries on a different level, and people are looking for a moment of peace every second.
  • Magic events can happen with the arrival of Christmas holidays with brands that offers their audience a chance to think about something else and do something good for the benefit of all. It is also important for brands to be present in the homes of people during those times of the year.
  • Brands like LEGO have been setting up special communication campaigns for holidays like Christmas such as the Build to Give Campaign. Last year, LEGO has invited people to be a part of its Build to Give campaign. The goal was to build a fun LEGO Christmas decoration. Every decoration built and displayed in a LEGO Store or shared online has been converted by a LEGO set given to a child in need around the world – in hospitals, children’s homes, or underprivileged communities. Build to Give events are now to be set during November and December and the COVID-19 did not change this fact. LEGO has called out people again to participate to this campaign to give them something special, and that would allow them to escape from the pressing daily life that we are living with this disease surrounding our heads. This time, it is through polls proposed in Instagram stories that fans of the brand can choose how to decorate the digital tree by choosing the pieces to add. Each vote will enable LEGO to offer LEGO toys to children in need through donations to various associations. The virtual tree will be unveiled on Christmas Eve on Instagram.
Implemented strategy
  • The strategy is to “bring joy to 1,000,000 children around the world in need of play, through our global network of charity partners. To turn bricks to super gifs gifts for those children in need.” says LEGO on their website.
  • All you have to do is to use your LEGO bricks, create an ornament with those bricks and share it on social media, specially Instagram, which is the main place for the LEGO campaign by using the hashtag #buildtogive
Technology implemented
  • The campaign is set up in Instagram. LEGO has created a 3D tree, that will be filled by ornaments created and elected by people that can post their ones on the social media.
  • The 3D tree will contain the best ornaments created at the end of the campaigns. Each ornament will be given to a child in need of play.
  • 17 818 publications have been published on Instagram with the hashtag #buildtogive to this day. LEGO has planned to give 1,000,000 LEGO to children when the campaign will end on December 24th, where the virtuel tree will be revealed with the best ornaments created by LEGO fans.


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