• Agency : David São Paulo
  • Place : Brazil
Advertiser :
  • Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.
Objective / insight
  • Burger Kings’s competitors’ outdoor advertisings are everywhere. So Burger King decided to hack the competition by leveraging Burger King’s biggest advantage, which is fire
Implemented strategy
  • burger king encouraged fans to ‘burn’ the adverts of rival fast food chains using a new augmented reality app that sees billboards engulfed in flames.
  • Mobile users should download Burger King’s mobile application. By pointing smartphone’s camera at the print, coupon or billboard ads from Burger King’s rival like Mcdonalds’s, they will see digital images of the ads on fire, by augmented reality, then receive a free Whopper at the nearest Burger King restaurant.
Technology implemented
  • Through augmented reality, fans will get to see the ad being burned up instantly. After the ad is burnt away, the consumer will see a virtual ad for Burger King which replaces competitor’s real ad, and receive a coupon for a free Whoppe.
  • According to the brand, they will be giving out 500,000 free Whoppers in Brazil through the campaign.
  • No information about campaign’s result yet.


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