Carfit Pulse

  • Agency : N/A
  • Place : France
  • Carfit, a French start-up founded in 2016
Objective / insight
  • Carfit’s founder noticed that car motors are equipped with a large number of sensors, but that not much is done to check the wear of tires and brakes
  • They therefore developed an innovative solution based on the vibration of the car to check the overall state of the car in real-time
Implemented strategy
  • After a period of trials, during which data on car vibrations has been gathered, Carfit now sells a 4cm-diameter sensor for a relatively low price
  • Vibrations are analyzed by this sensor and the results are sent to the car owner through an app giving him a precise diagnosis on the state of his steering wheel, shock absorbers, brakes, wheels and tires
  • Carfit also points out the fact that it predicts future problems and that maintenance is less costly than reparations
Technology implemented
  • Large databases have been gathered on car vibrations and algorithms have been developed to link car vibrations with maintenance issues
  • A very small sensor was created to register all the car’s vibrations
  • A smartphone app has been developed to visualize the results of the vibration analysis
  • Quotes in several major French media, such as TF1, BFM TV or les Echos
  • Award winner in the category “improvement of car’s security” during the road safety innovation trophies
  • Selected with 14 other start-ups for the H2020 European Connected Car Accelerator Program
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