• Agency : R/GA USA
  • Place : USA
  •, an American online retailer known for saving people money
Objective / insight
  • Every year when the holidays roll around, people struggle to find the perfect gift for their loved ones which often results in overspending
  • So wanted to leverage social media on the holiday season, by calculating for people the right amount of money to spend on gifts, to create an awareness campaign for its online e-commerce website


Implemented strategy
  • Teamed up with Facebook, launched “CARECULATOR”, an integrated Facebook tool that can help users determine how much money they should spend on each of their friends this year
  • Then in the same interface, generates unique gifts that can be purchases for less at in the determined price range
Technology implemented


  • By using Facebook connect, the tool pulled in Facebook data
  • Then it scans users’ friends socials posts and engagement
  • An algorithm is run base on how much they like, comment and react to the user on Facebook
  • Over 200,000 conversations on social media
  • 100 million earned media impressions
  • Picked up by major media on over 30 TV news broadcasts across the United States
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