By Cadbury

People can purchase a Cadbury Easter egg and select a ‘hiding spot’ on the map to leave the virtual egg for their recipient to find during the virtual Easter. Since the search is entirely virtual, no one is encouraged to go out and physically find the eggs.

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By Amazon Prime Video

CITÉS is the first Prime Video series 100% TikTok, all the stages of production (casting, shooting, editing, broadcasting) were made or created for the platform.

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By Lay's

Lay’s Potato Chips has launched a Google Chrome extension that senses the sound of crunching chips (or crisps for our UK friends) and automatically turns subtitles on for the YouTube video you are watching.

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Our Dream

By Ikea

Every person’s overall health and well-being depends on their ability to sleep. The aim of the IKEA Unemme campaign was to inspire Finns to sleep better and pay attention to getting enough and good sleep. A good night’s sleep is the first step toward a better daily life.

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Transform into a wheel of cheese !

By Kellogs Company

Cheez-It created a college soccer game experience based on the activation of animated cheese wheels that has been placed on a stadium during the Cheez-it Bowl.

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Adults with kids’ voices

By Haribo

Haribo is back with its famous “Kids’ Voices” TV campaign which invites people to use AR lens on the social network Instagram that gives the impression of speaking with children voices.

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What did you order?

By EasyJet X Deliveroo

EasyJet has launched a home-delivery trolley service that will see the airline’s uniformed cabin crew wheel an in-flight trolley right up to customers’ doorsteps.

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Build To Give with LEGO


As part of the campaign #buildtogive, LEGO and We Are Social have constructed a 3D-Tree that has to be filled with ornaments created by fans, that will be given to children in need of play all around the world.

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Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen

By KFC X Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and KFC launch Co-op Mobile Game on the occasion of the availability of a new recipe created exclusively by the two brands for a limited time.

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