The Humanz House party

By Gorillaz

The Gorillaz app not only enabled the band to draw consumers into their universe but also spurred the feeling of authentic experience, by offering to people worldwide the opportunity to be among the first to listen to their new album. As a consequence, the first sales week following the release of this new album has been the best in Gorillaz’ history.

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Sea Hero Quest

By Deutsche Telekom

Dementia is a growing health threat. To help scientists working towards finding a cure, Deatsche Telekom created this multi-platform game designed specifically to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation and therefore understand one of the first symptoms of dementia.

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By Wunderman Buenos Aires

The foundation Huésped has decided to set up an awareness campaign on the importance of HIV prevention tests in Argentina. They modified a machine normally used for patients to check-in. So instead of providing the usual appointment number, the machine handled an HIV statistic relevant to each person.

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By Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most Instagrammed icon. But only 1% who take a photo ever go inside. Sydney Opera House wanted to turned those Instagram photos into invitations to let more people see the inside of the building. Custom software using computer vision and geo-location helped the team to find photos of the building, then an on-site response team filmed and posted personalized video invites in real-time inviting users to #comeonin for unique experiences.

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Mycarpulse Super ID


China has the single highest traffic deaths in the world. However, as most Chinese drivers are first-generation drivers in their family, they have very low awareness about the importance of car maintenance. Using AI and database, SAIC-GM developed “MyCarPuise” SUPER ID, in order to report car condition to each driver in a hyper-personalized way and to encourage them to get car maintenance service.

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Down Syndrome Answers

By Canadian Down Syndrome Society

When prospective parents learn their unborn child has Down syndrome, they often have only ten days to decide whether to proceed with the pregnancy or not. With such little time they inevitably turn to the internet for answers. Rather than leaving them to the wilds of Wikipedia and WebMD, Canadian Down Syndrome Society want people with Down syndrome to answer those questions themselves.

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Anonymous Friend

By Alcohol Anonymous

More and more Brazilian teenagers are getting close to alcohol, but don’t know how to talk to people about their alcoholic problem. Alcoholics Anonymous created a Facebook chatbot based on a data base of members’ testimodials, in order to talk with teenagers in a personalized way without any jugement, and to encourage them to ask for sober help.

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A Taste of Home

By Knorr

Chinese New Year is a hard time for homesick chefs who should work at restaurants thus cannot reunite with their families. With precision targeting based on their social, search and behavior data, Knorr reached to professional chefs emotionally on this occasion via Wechat to engage them with personalized interactive contents.

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Hope Never Dies

By Tencent QQ

Children abduction cases occur in China every day and few abducted children can be fund in a short time. Tencent uses a giant database and deep-learning system to help people to recognize their missing children by old photo taken years ago.

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