Pocket Patrol

By Samsung Australia

Australia is known as a top beach destination the world over, however, every year thousands of people get caught in rip currents and drown. Sadly, 69% of Australians cannot identify rip currents. Samsung decided to team up with Surf Life Saving Australia to develop Pocket Patrol – a first of its kind app that displays exact positions of live beach dangers.

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Ai Buddy

By Vidax Center

Since 2001 more than 3 million children in the world have had one of their parents deployed and thousands of them lost a parent because of war. These children experience high rates of mental health problems. In order to help them during the crises, Vidax center assembled a team of health professionals and digital developers to create Ai Buddy, a set of characters powered by AI that support kids in the absence of parents.

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Chat Yourself

By Italia Longeva

There are 9.9 million new cases of Alzheimer’s each year. The amnesia confuses and scares the Alzheimer’s sufferers pushing them to become more and more self-contained. Italia Longeva wanted to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s in the early stages of the disease, by creating a chatbot messenger which collects the entire life of Alzheimer’s sufferers and gives them back vital information 24H a day.

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Every year when the holidays roll around, people struggle to find the perfect gift for their loved ones which often results in overspending. Jet.com teamed up with Facebook to create Careculator, a social tool that tells users how much to spend on friends and family based on how much they like, comment and react to you on Facebook.

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Dear Media

By Dove

Dove raised awareness about media’s sexist quote by scanning all the comments they made on female athlete’s before sharing them on social media and digital on billboards. The quotes were followed by the message “Dear Media, when you only see a female athlete’s looks, you don’t see her at all.”

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Meet Graham

By The World Health Organization

In order to improve road safety, The World Health Organization wanted people to understand how fragile human beings are on the road, and therefore designed Graham, a 60 kg sculpture that gives us a very vivid depiction of how our legs, ribs and facial features would have to change in order to survive on our roads.

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ShotTracker & Keemotion

By Keemotion

Keemotion’s technology enrichs basketball fans’ experience by enabling them to watch more basketball games from home and by providing them with statistical data about the game.

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The Baltic Sea Card

By Bank of Åland

The Bank of Åland launched the Baltic Sea credit card that, thanks to the Åland Index, estimates customers’ CO2 emissions and therefore encourages them either to reduce those emissions or to compensate for their environmental footprint.

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The Humanz House party

By Gorillaz

The Gorillaz app not only enabled the band to draw consumers into their universe but also spurred the feeling of authentic experience, by offering to people worldwide the opportunity to be among the first to listen to their new album. As a consequence, the first sales week following the release of this new album has been the best in Gorillaz’ history.

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