ChatGPT, a new tool for your marketing campaign

By McDonald's

McDonald’s and the agency launched a campaign to make the fast-food brand stand out between all the other fast-food chain. To achieve this, they used a growing technology: artificial intelligence. Using ChatGPT, their marketing campaign raised a simple question: “What is the most iconic burger in the world?”. To which, ChatGPT’s response was “the Big Mac”. This simple yet very impactful campaign suggested that even an AI recognizes the Big Mac as the best.

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See the climate change through a game

By Greenpeace

Greenpeace and the agency VMLY&R launched a campaign to make people aware about the changes that are going to happen on earth. For this, they used the famous game Grand Theft Auto and create a map where the city of Los Santos, well-known city of the game, is changed by the weather crisis. They invited the top fifty streamers in Brazil to promote this campaign and it resulted in a real success for the independent network.

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Choose the unrecommended

By Fnac

In our everyday life, algorithms dictate our lives in cultural matters. Fnac has decided to do the opposite of this strategy and has set up an algorithm that advises us on contents we would never have thought of through its unrecommended algorithm. This « anti-personalization » campaign opens minds, feeds curiosity, and brings back to the forefront the freedom of cultural choices that Fnac advocates.

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What if your phone could tell you if you have Alzheimer’s ?

By University of California San Diego

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a mobile application that will eventually detect neurological diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and many others, through pupillometric measurements.

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Simulated Human Eye Movement in Metaverse

By Duke University

Researchers at Duke University have created EyeSyn, a program that allows to reproduce human eye movements, a very useful data to develop virtual reality and augmented reality programs that will be used in the metaverse. This is done while respecting people’s privacy since the programs use virtual eyes data and not human’s. The advantage of this innovation is that it does not require a lot of time and money to recruit and analyze eye movement data from hundreds of human participants. This then allows small companies to integrate the metaverse using EyeSyn virtual eyes directly, instead of going through many humans.

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What is your complex carbon emission ?

By ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil, one of the biggest oil company in association with the ER developer Groove Jones, have developed an innovative and necessarily application that enables to visualize complex carbon data in the aim of reducing CO2 Emissions.

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MNTN, all in one


The marketing software platform MNTN has acquired Maximum Effort Marketing to propose a service that creates and produces ads in a simple way. Thus, brands can launch multiple ads for a budget that suits them.

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Redefine Meat through the 3D print

By Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat is an Israeli start-up which creates 3D printed plant-based meat called New-Meat. New-Meat replicates the taste and texture of meat almost to perfection and is positioned as a credible future alternative to meat.

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By Meta

Facebook changes its name to Meta, a new world where you can connect, learn, or even play. This universe will be in 3D or projected into the real world via holograms.

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