create new services

Creation of new service for consumers to complement the core business of the brand


By Dilly Socks

To get 2 pairs for 1, the company Dilly Socks launched the #DillyGallopChallenge on TikTok, which consists of recording yourself galloping like a horse with socks on hands and feet. An original way to promote the new collection of socks of the brand.

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By Jeju Tourism Organization

Jeju Tourism Organization launched a revolutionary navigation service that, rather than providing the quickest path to a location, provides the most attractive route. The program is aimed to assist visitors to South Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island in making the most of their visit.

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By Amazon Prime Video

CITÉS is the first Prime Video series 100% TikTok, all the stages of production (casting, shooting, editing, broadcasting) were made or created for the platform.

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Transform into a wheel of cheese !

By Kellogs Company

Cheez-It created a college soccer game experience based on the activation of animated cheese wheels that has been placed on a stadium during the Cheez-it Bowl.

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What did you order?

By EasyJet X Deliveroo

EasyJet has launched a home-delivery trolley service that will see the airline’s uniformed cabin crew wheel an in-flight trolley right up to customers’ doorsteps.

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Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen

By KFC X Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and KFC launch Co-op Mobile Game on the occasion of the availability of a new recipe created exclusively by the two brands for a limited time.

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Hum To Search

By Google

Google has created a new feature on their application in order to help people find a song by humming to their smartphone.

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The Taco Gifter

By Taco Bell

Taco Bell has created a new service on its website and app that allows customers to send people tacos made by Taco Bell.

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Keep Living

By Memories

Memories has launched a new feature on its application that allows people to enter a message that can be read in no time by family and friends. The message behind it is to help people to regroup their most cherish memories somewhere safe to be consulted forever.

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