create new services

Creation of new service for consumers to complement the core business of the brand

Green Light Run

By Adidas

GREEN LIGHT RUN is an urban marathon race, where the runner doesn’t have to stop for any red light. Using traffic data provided by the local police department, and taking traffic signal patterns, distance, timing and safety all into account, adidas Japan brought a one-of-a-kind, urban race through the busy streets of Tokyo to life.

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City Watch 

By Sulamérica

Sulamerica integrated City Watch, an application that cross-matches a huge amount of data generated by users from both companies then mapped out thousands of locations with high numbers of incidents, into smartphone GPS. Thus, Waze users get geo-targeted alert based on these informations before they get into trouble.

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Aami SmartPlates 

By Aami

AAMI, the Australia’s leading insurer, created Smartplates, an app which tracks and coach in a real time the learners. Every detail of every drive is recorded and analyzed. Driving Data is analyzed to tailor individual driving lessons based on learning gaps to reduce the risk of fatal accidents caused by lack of experience.

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By Eitb - Euskal Irrati Telebista

Yournalist is an application developed by the Spanish television channel EITB. It is the first application which allows audience to verify news reliability in real time wtih information with various editorial-angles. The application works as Shazam. It sends in real-time information to Watson, the artificial intelligence of IBM, in order to identify The various sources related to the same subject.

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The Safest route

By Groupama

« The Safest Route » is a service developed by Groupama, its peculiarity is that he puts the priority on the safety road to choose.cBy pooling together Groupama’s local data and the French government accidentology data, …

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The SoundBook

By The NordSüd

Nordsud the Swiss publishing house created an app who using voice recognition to create an acoustic atmosphere of a child book. The app can know exactly which parts of a story are being read aloud and plays the fitting sounds for each passage in the real time.

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