enhance the brand experience

Creation of an unusual advertising and service system. Use of data to design experiences with the brand More interactive, attractive, enriching, entertaining and better adapted to the customer journey.

ChatGPT, a new tool for your marketing campaign

By McDonald's

McDonald’s and the agency GALERIA.ag launched a campaign to make the fast-food brand stand out between all the other fast-food chain. To achieve this, they used a growing technology: artificial intelligence. Using ChatGPT, their marketing campaign raised a simple question: “What is the most iconic burger in the world?”. To which, ChatGPT’s response was “the Big Mac”. This simple yet very impactful campaign suggested that even an AI recognizes the Big Mac as the best.

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Choose the unrecommended

By Fnac

In our everyday life, algorithms dictate our lives in cultural matters. Fnac has decided to do the opposite of this strategy and has set up an algorithm that advises us on contents we would never have thought of through its unrecommended algorithm. This « anti-personalization » campaign opens minds, feeds curiosity, and brings back to the forefront the freedom of cultural choices that Fnac advocates.

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Simulated Human Eye Movement in Metaverse

By Duke University

Researchers at Duke University have created EyeSyn, a program that allows to reproduce human eye movements, a very useful data to develop virtual reality and augmented reality programs that will be used in the metaverse. This is done while respecting people’s privacy since the programs use virtual eyes data and not human’s. The advantage of this innovation is that it does not require a lot of time and money to recruit and analyze eye movement data from hundreds of human participants. This then allows small companies to integrate the metaverse using EyeSyn virtual eyes directly, instead of going through many humans.

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By Meta

Facebook changes its name to Meta, a new world where you can connect, learn, or even play. This universe will be in 3D or projected into the real world via holograms.

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By Uber Eat / KFC

You are not dreaming, you can order a meal from KFC and Uber Eat will delivered you with an emblematic car such as Batmobile, the Aston Martin DB5 or the Ecto-1 !

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By Heinz

To avoid as much as possible the waste of sauce packets to season dishes, Heinz proposes a solution: The Packet Roller.

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By Xiaomi

To compete in the smart glasses market, Xiaomi decided to extend its business by creating full independent glasses of your phone, called Xiaomi Smart Glasses

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By Netflix

Mobile videos games? This is the new Netflix offer. Currently, this new functionality is tested in Poland with two Stranger Things games.

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To discover in an innovative way BMW car, the group launch BMW Virtual Viewer, a tool using Augmented Reality to see a range of Plug in Hybrid vehicles.

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