enhance the brand experience

Creation of an unusual advertising and service system. Use of data to design experiences with the brand More interactive, attractive, enriching, entertaining and better adapted to the customer journey.


By Snickers

To modernize “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” and also make price something worth following outside the store. Snickers created the Hungerithm. A hunger-algorithm that that monitored online mood and lowered SNICKERS® prices accordingly at every 7-Eleven in Australia. The angrier the Internet got, the cheaper SNICKERS® became.

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Quest to Legoland

By Lego

LEGO reinvented the GPS experience for kids to create an immersive experience with the brand so that the children are not bored any more during the drive to LegoLand.

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By Canal +

AiMEN is an intelligence artificial just like Pius XIII, the main character of the series  » the Young Pope “ by Canal+.
With AiMEN, Pius XIII can express himself in real time on the social networks and answer the users’ questions in a contextual way by quoting verses of the Bible.

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Photo Coach

By Canon

Canon have decided to help all the photographers of NYC. The brand created interactive billboards who integrated different data to provide in real time the best advices to realize the perfect photos.

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The interactive parking Billboard

By Fiat

To promote the Park Assistance, Fiat have created an interactive billboard to help the motorist to park.

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The les Paul skill check

By Gibson, Les Paul

Gibson organize a musical test on shazam to try to win the last edition of the Les Paul designed by Bjorn Gelotte

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Altitude Drop

By Swedish match

Swedish match the specialist of the products of tobacco challenges the Skiers of extremes to promote his last advertising movie.

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Every day a play

By Katona

To reconnect with a younger audience, people under 30 years. A Hungarian theater decide to create mini plays which raise their subjects of preference on the Internet.

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