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The Good Vibes Project

By Sense International India

For deafblind people, neither Pro-tactile Sign Language nor Braille allows them to communicate with other people independently and remotely in this digital era. Therefore, Sense India created The Good Vibes App, the first, two-way communication tool for the deafblind, that harnesses the power of the smartphone to empower the deafblind community across the world.

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By Cochlear

Many Australians suffer from hearing loss, it takes sufferers seven years on average to seek help. This delay leads to social isolation, loss of relationships, reduced quality of life, and an increased likelihood of depression and cognitive decline. Cochlear wants Australians to understand, identify and act on their hearing loss before it’s too late, by making hearing loss, which is an “invisible disability”, visible.

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The Canceller

By Reclame Aqui

Canceling a service is often one of the most frustrating tasks for a consumer, big corporations create all kinds of obstacles to make people quit trying. Reclame Aqui decided to counter their tactics. The Canceller is a bot that integrates the powerful artificial intelligence of IBM Watson with Google Cloud. The bot is capable of calling the companies’ call centers to ask for the cancelling and it will never give up until the service is cancelled!

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By Microsoft

The image classification errors were decreasing by 50% year-over-year, meaning it was likely that it would catch up to human accuracy in the near future. Microsoft realized this might be an opportunity for helping people with visual impairments by bringing together the power of visual recognition, cloud and AI to deliver an intelligent app designed to help those people navigate their day with spoken audio.

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SafeCap by Ford

By Ford

Sleepy behavior while driving is the biggest cause of death among Brasilian truck drivers. Ford Truck wanted to find a solution to avoid sleepy behavior while drivers’ driving by integrating a safety device with real-time data collecting and algorithm into a cap, since statistics confirm that 82% of the truck drivers in Brazil wear caps on a daily routine.

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Care Counts

By Whirlpool Corporation

Every day in the US, more than 4,000 students drop out of school and thousands of kids miss school because they lack clean clothes. The Care Counts project involved installing washing machines in schools in order to reduce the rate of absenteeism of at-risk student in the classroom. For this, each student had an identifier linked to his name to correlate with their current presence.

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Project Revoice

By ALS Association

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Most patients end up paralyzed in a wheelchair and forced to communicate via text-to-speech devices, typically with a default ‘computer’ voice. ALS Association wanted to change the way people live with ALS by giving sufferers the full use of their own authentic voices.

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MY LINE Powered by Google

By Ministry of Communications and Technology of Colombia

The Ministry of Communications & Technology of Colombia wanted equal information access across its country where 90% of the territory is still rural with low rate of penetration of internet. They came up with the project “My Line” to allow people to have access to information on the internet via a standard phone without internet connection, thanks to Google Assistant.

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BORDEAUX 2050 – The real taste of climate change

By The French Association of Journalists for the Environment (AJE)

The French Association of Journalists for the Environment gave a tangible experience of climate change to the world by simulating the taste of Bordeaux in 2050. The wine’s loss in refinement and elegance is supposed to spur people into taking ecological issues more seriously.

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