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Outthink Melanoma 


Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, also the easiest to treat with survival rate which can top 98%. The key of a successful treatment is spotting melanoma early. IBM Australia wanted to use Watson Smart Mirror to help skin cancer experts to detect melanoma sooner.

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Ant Forest

By Alibaba/Alipay

Alibaba holds the Chinese most used mobile payment Application Alipay and wanted to transform this giant user base into real carbon emission reduction. Alibaba created Ant Forest, an interface tracks purchases made through Alipay to award eco-friendly purchase by “green energy points” in the Ant Forest Program. After the green energy supplies reached 17.9KG, the virtual tree will turn into a real Haloxylon tree in the desert of Alashan desert of Inner Mongolia.

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The Colour Of Corruption

By Reclame Aqui

Reclame Aqui decided to expand its business to citizen-rights, exposing the nation’s new public enemy : corrupt politicians. They integrated their service into web browsers, search engines and social network. Corrupt politicians’ names are highlighted on the page and their corruption history would be listed by a single click.

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Know you again

By Baidu

Alzheimer Disease China and Baidu created AI glasses for Alzheimer’s patients to help them recognize family members, pets and the people that matter most in their lives.

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By Headspace

More than 400 000 Australian children are victims of Bullying on the social media every year. To fight against this plague and change the behavior, the Headspace association …

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