Chat Yourself

  • Agency : Y&R
  • Place : Italy
  • Italia Longeva, a national research network on aging and active longevity created by the Ministry of Health
Objective / insight


  • There are 9.9 million new cases of Alzheimer’s each year
  • Having Alzheimer’s means to lose control of life day by day, because of the amnesia confuses and scares the Alzheimer’s sufferer, pushing him to become more and more self-contained
  • Italia Longeva wanted to improve the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients, especially in the early stages of the disease
Implemented strategy


  • The concept aims to offer aconstant and proactive help, in the early stages of the disease, in which the sufferer can still maintain a strong contact with all the major dimensions of life
  • Italia Longeva created a facebook-based chatbot messenger which collects the entire life of Alzheimer’s sufferers and gives them back vital information 24H a day
  • The chatbot can answer any possible needs, in real time and everywhere
Technology implemented
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence, the chatbot can understand and chat with sufferers without asking them to learn specific sentences or commands
  • Supported by Facebook, the chatbot pushes notifications to helps even without any requests or interaction


  • 10x engagement rate VS average medical topics engagement rate
  • Over 15000 people reached and over 30000 impressions in less than 24 hours without any ADV sponsoring
  • 10.000 video views in the first few hours organic
  • 8% page engagement during the launch day
  • 7x Amplification rate on related field