Transform into a wheel of cheese !

  • Agency : Kellogg Company
  • Place : U.S.A
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  • Cheez-It is a cheese cracker manufactured by the Kellogg Company through its Sunshine Biscuits division. Approximately 26 by 26 millimeters (1.0 by 1.0 in), the square crackers are made with wheat flour, vegetable oil, cheese made with skim milk, salt, and spices.
Objective / insight
  • People have been separated from many of their hobbies because of the social distancing that COVID-19 make us live.
  • The world of sports has been shut down in many ways, even some championships are still playing with a little struggle.
  • In their latest campaign, Cheez-It gave fans a way to attend the previous edition of their 2020 Cheez-It Bowl. The Camping World Stadium where the bowl was ready to let some people access the event, even though it was a privilege and it means some of the biggest fans have missed the show on live.
  • The Kellogs mini brand gave us the « Wheel Live Fans » to let people watch the entire games at home. Fans were able to create their own avatar on and participated on the 2020 Cheez-it Bowl on December 29th. Their doppleganger were placed on the stadium in order to re-create an atmosphere of a game full of people.
Implemented strategy
  • To participate, you must have signed up to and have created your Cheez-it avatar, then, you were able to personalize the avatar with unique design and accessories like hats, glasses, scarves, and other regalia and show off your creation on the socials to give your support to your team.
  • Using fan-inspired designs, Cheez-It will install cheese wheels that jump, dance and spin in the end zones.
  • The event happened on December 29 and was broadcasted by ESPN. At this occasion, people have been able to see their personalized wheel made it into the stands.
  • During the game day, fans went on Twitter and gave their suggestions on how they wanted to see their avatar move during the match, to give a better personalized version of themselves, through the character.
  • It brought a feeling of truth and authenticity during the game. People told what moves they wanted their avatar to do using designated team hashtags that was announced on social media before the show.
Technology implemented
  • The Cheez-it Bowl Fans has been powered by Cheez-it, from the Kellogs Company. The experience took place with the help of the official website of the brand where you created an avatar in the shape of a wheel and watched the live broadcast of the event to see if their cheese participated in the cut.
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