City Watch 

  • Agency : Grey Advertising Brazil
  • Place : Brazil
  • Sulamérica, fourth largest insurance company in brazil
Objective / insight
  • The fastest route is not always the safest : car thefts, dangerous intersections, accidents in bike lanes…
  • Many drivers cannot be alerted when they are getting into an unsafe street/area even when they are leading by GPS application.
Implemented strategy
  • No one knows traffic better than Waze-the most popular App in brazil
  • No one Know better than sulamérica, the country’s fourth largest auto insurance company, what Brazil’s street problems really are and where the most problems happen
Technology implemented
  • The application cross-matches the huge amount of data generated by million of users from both companies then mapped out thousands of locations with high numbers of incidents accross the country’s ’major cities
  • Waze users get geo-targeted alert based on these informations before they get into trouble
  • Instead of investing half million dollar to advertise products, SulAmérica used it to make drivers safer.
  • City Watch got 23.9 millions impressions.
  • Generating 43% ad recall with unprecedented engagemetn and « save» rates.