• Agency : Grey Brazil
  • Place : Brazil
  • Reclame Aqui, the number one consumer-protection company in Brazil
Objective / insight
  • General elections are scheduled to be held in Brazil in October 2018. More than 40,000 candidates favored by a complex justice system designed to hide their acts of corruption are flooding the country with electoral campaigns
  • ReclameAQUI wanted to expand its business to citizen-rights. And in a country with over 200 million smartphones, there was no better way to fight corruption than turning their phones into a weapon against corruption
  • Therefore in 2018 when the corrupt politicians show their faces, Brazilian voters will be able to drop their masks
Implemented strategy
  • The strategy was simple: when corrupt politicians show their faces, no matter where – on billboards, newspapers, at political rallies, on flyers, on the web or even on TV – voters (users of application) can photograph politician’s faces
  • The app identifies photos of politicians and instantly brings up on the screen which corruption or administrative processes he/she responds to in court
Technology implemented
  • Behind this application, there is the Microsoft’s facial recognition technology with 98% accuracy
  • Corruption Detector expands The Colour of Corruption database, and consolidates official and public information that were previously spread in various instances all over Brazil
  • This database is permanently updated
  • With 400 000 downloads, the App became the most downloaded App in Brazil within 1 week
  • More than 120 million people impacted with 0 media investments
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