Crafted by My Heart

  • Agency : DDB Hong Kong
  • Place : Hong Kong/ Mainland China
  • DES & CO.,  one of the 8000 local jewelry manufacturers in China who wants to cut through the clutter and stand out from the world of standardization in Chinese jewelry market
Objective / insight
  • Busy schedules often make finding the perfect gift for their loved one feel like a chore. With the help of technology, it doesn’t have to be this way
  • CRAFTED BY MY HEART wanted to create the  ultimate personalized gift From one’s heart to his/her lover’s finger by using heartbeat-recording process on smartphone with a unique algorithm
Implemented strategy
  • Users who have download the application should place a finger over a smartphone’s flash in order to detect the heartbeat, At the same time, the app shows a pattern on-screen to reflect the pulse
  • Heartbeat which is recorded will be translated into diagram curves
  • Then the App offers a choice of two unisex design template
  • The ring will be finally fabricated through 3D printing, taking take around 15 to 20 working days to complete
Technology implemented
  • User’s heartbeat is detected and recorded by smartphone application
  • A unique algorithm will translate the intensity and rhythm of heartbeat into digital rendering of the ring
  • Different algorithm is used on each ring in order to ensure that no two pieces are alike
  • The final product is brought to life through a high-resolution 3D wax printer
  • Service released in February 2017, 30% of its initial investment has been covered within four months of launch