• Agency : Google
  • Place : Japan
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  • Since 4th September 1998, Google allows us to navigate through the wealth of information. This American company created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the Silicon Valley is a subsidiary of alphabet since 2015 and acquired many software, brands, and developments as well as YouTube, Gmail, Google Earth, Google Pay or Google Maps. Note that the name Google comes from a mathematical term “googol” which designates a number beginning with 1 followed by a hundred of 0. But when registering the name of the company, one of the founders made a mistake and wrote Google.
Objective / insight
  • A cup, a keyboard, and a wrong move. Do you see the nonsense coming? Of course, it happens when you least expect it, and especially if you are all fingers and thumbs.However, for Japanese inhabitants, this clumsiness may not happen again. Some scientists from Google elaborated a new keyboard, a cup-shaped keyboard, combining comfort, style, and technological innovations. This keyboard takes the shape of the traditional Yunomi teacups often seen in sushi restaurants. This mug is decorated with several “Kanji”, which are Japanese script signs. Google decided to call this teacup keyboard “Gboard Teacup Version”.
Implemented strategy
  • In Japan, since the 1st of November 1587, there is a ceremony called “The Japanese tea ceremony” or also known as sadō/chadō (茶道), « The Way of Tea » or cha-no-yu (茶の湯). It was on this occasion that the Japanese scientists at Google had this idea.
Technology implemented
  • Even if this teacup keyboard seems like a gadget, Google thought of it all, it can hold up to 125 ml of beverage, hot or cold, between -20°C and 140°C, while being connected to a computer via USB cable.Moreover, the mug has other functionalities, it is also possible to put several cups on each other. And the keyboard can be configured differently and adapted to our western keys.Now the hardest part is knowing how to use this keyboard.
  • Unfortunately, the “Gboard Teacup Version” is not commercialized. However, Google has shared the schematics, maps, and software as open source on GitHub. Now it is up to you to create and customize your own cup-shaped keyboard.


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