Dear Media

By Dove
  • Agency : Razorfish
  • Place :  Worldwide
  • Dove, a personal care brand operating in more than 80 countries
Objective / insight
  • Media still judge female athletes, regardless of their performance level, according to their appearance
  • The accomplishments of those female become therefore secondary
Implemented strategy
  • Dove monitored media’s comment(TV, radio, and print publications) on female athletes  24h a day and all around the world
  • All the sexist quotes, from “her ass is quality” to “a typically pert display”  were passed on social media, as well as on digital billboards in North America, followed by this message: “Dear Media, when you only see a female athlete’s looks, you don’t see her at all.”
Technology implemented
  • An AI scanned printed publications and radio broadcast to identify existing sexist quotes
  • Those quotes were then transmitted in real time to a content hub on
  • A simple click enabled users to share the quote and express their indignation
  • 97% percent of the quotes discovered have been shared on social media
  • Over 50,000 Tweets have been generated
  • The hashtag #MyBeautyMySay has reached an audience of over 300 million person
  • 1.2 billion media impressions have commented the campaign