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  • BMW is a German high-end automobile company founded in 1916 in Munich by Gustav Otto and Karl Friedrich Rapp. The acronym BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Factory). Before commercializing cars, the company was specialized in the production and maintenance of aircraft engines for the German Air Force, Rapp Motorenwerke. Today, BMW is one of the world’s leader producer of luxurious and high-end cars. Despite the impact of the crisis in 2020 on sales, the company managed to achieve positive figures.
Objective / insight
  • With the sanitary crisis happened in 2020, a lot of showrooms of BMW closed their doors, and many consumers are still reluctant to attend shows.To solve this dilemma for BMW’s concessionaire, the brand launch BMW Virtual Viewer. Sophie Chiappe, the brand communications manager said “At BMW we want to ensure that we introduce digital tools in a way that really help prospective customers along their decision journey when choosing a car, whilst ensuring it’s fun and user friendly. This AR work has been designed to be engaging to use, from the navigation through to the built-in quizzes, and we’re excited to launch it showcasing three of our plug-in hybrid cars and the technology they offer.” It is a new way to present their new cars Plug-in Hybrid Electric.
Implemented strategy
  • This tool is a help for the company to offer to potential customers the opportunity to have a clear overview of the car, learn about the company and the Plug-in Hybrid cars. And even customize the vehicles, by mixing and matching different colors and combinations.This AR experience also serves as a showcase for one of the new features, such as reflective surfaces, resulting in highly realistic 3D models of cars.
Technology implemented
  • This augmented reality experience is powered by 8th Wall, a world-class developer platform. The advantage of this tool is that you do not need to download an application. Just by using your phone or your tablet, you can choose between a range of Plug-in Hybrids such as BMW X1, X5 and 3 Series Touring PHEV, and wherever you are, the Augmented Reality will show you your model. You will be able to change the size of the car, look around the car. Also, have an overview of the inside, to see the aesthetics of the dashboard and how it feels to seat in. You will feel like in a real car, with simple actions you can open the doors, turn on the lights or even turn on the radio. Or simply ask to the chatbot. The virtual assistant can answer to your questions about vehicles, test your knowledge and proposes you quizzes. The other innovative side of this tool is the integration of X-Ray view, a way to understand the functioning of electric motor and combustion engine together.


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