Down Syndrome Answers

  • Agency : FCB Canada
  • Place :  Canada
  • Canadian Down Syndrome Society, a non-profit organization promoting awareness, advocacy and support for people with Down syndrome in Canada.
Objective / insight
  • When prospective parents learn their unborn child has Down syndrome, they only have about 10 days to decide whether to proceed with the pregnancy
  • With lots of questions, they inevitably turn to Google or Wikipedia where, information is often clinical and frightening
  • Canadian Down Syndrome Society want people to hear the answers from those who live with Down Syndrome themselves
Implemented strategy


  • Using data analytics, the 40 most-searched questions on Google are selected and answered by people with Down syndrome in a video clip
  • Anyone searching on Google the most commonly asked questions about Down Syndrome will see their questions answered among the search results
  • The campaign also includes a microsite where people can check out the full video series
Technology implemented


  • Monitor search trends to identify common keywords that parents in Canada ask after getting a Down syndrome diagnosis
  • Through Google AdWords, these videos will be among the first results when people search for answers about Down syndrome


  • 455M impressions
  • 240K questions answered
  • 893% increase in referral traffic to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society website
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