What did you order?

  • Agency : Easy Jet & Deliveroo
  • Place : London, England
Advertiser :
  • EasyJet is a low-cost British airline created in 1995 and based in London. It belongs to the EasyGroup with EasyJet Switzerland and EasyJet Europe.
  • Deliveroo is a British ready meal delivery company founded by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It operates in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
Objective / insight
  • It has been very complicated to travel on these times of COVID-19. The tourism sector has struggled a lot and different flight companies had to file for bankruptcy in the face of the situation.
  • Indeed, people were staying at home and most borders were closed, which cut off any possibility of traveling for all the reasons we know. This seriously cost most companies in the aeronautics sector but also in the tourism sector, which have therefore bet everything on their communication as EasyJet on its latest campaign in partnership with the home delivery platform Deliveroo.
  • Indeed, in their last campaign, EasyJet wanted to thank their most loyal fans by giving them the opportunity to book an at-home service on the easyjet platform.
Implemented strategy
  • If you are living or staying in the central London area, you can order for free a special meal composed by all the different products that you can find generally when you take a flight such as gin and tonic, chilled Prosecco, nuts, and olives or tomato juice.
  • You just have to book a slot by using the easyjet platform on Deliveroo by using this link : https://deliveroo.co.uk/cuisines/easyjet-drinks-trolley.
  • All those drinks and snacks will be totally complimentary, even though a small donation to Age U.K – the UK’s largest charity for older people – is asked to participants.
  • Then, your order will be counted in and you will receive a visit from your favorite and active trolleys
  • The operation last 2 days, on December 17th & December 18th in the central London area.
Technology implemented
  • The EasyJet platform has been designed in collaboration with Deliveroo, which is specialized in the home-service delivery.
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