Emotional Art Gallery

  • Agency : Studio Affairs
  • Place : Sweden
Advertiser :
  • Clear Channel outdoor is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies.
Objective / insight
  • It is a common trend in many cities across the globe where metropolitan communities experience stress during their travel to work, particularly in high-intensity environments such as metro systems.
  • Aresearch also showed that Stockholm’s population is the most stressed in Sweden.
  • Clear Channel, who own 250the digital billboards across the Swedish capital’s metro and train systems, decided to work together with local design studio Affairs to combat Stockholm’s commuters’ negative feelings.
Implemented strategy
  • The project Emotional Art Gallery transformed Stockholm’s Metro into an emotion-triggered art exhibition.
  • Clear Channel identified six main feeling of Stockholm’s citizens : sad, anxious, tired, stressed, irritated or afraid.
  • Six artists – Jesper Lindborg, Andreas Wannerstedt, Ana Blizzard, Susi Sie, Maciek Janicki and artist duo Emilie Mottet and Eric Severin – were each assigned an emotion and asked to design a piece of digital art accordingly.
  • Then the artwork assigned to each emotion will be triggered on Clear Channel’s digital billboards, by citizens’ real-time emotions.
Technology implemented
  • A bespoke algorithm reacted to real-time public data gathered from Google searches, news articles, social media and travel traffic information to assess whether people in the Swedish capital felt sad, anxious, tired, stressed, irritated or afraid.
  • Base on this algorithm, the artworks could be triggered on digital billboards according to the real-time feelings of citizens near the billboards.
  • Very recent campaign, no result yet.


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