Every day a play

  • Agency : Young & Rubicam
  • Place : Budapest
  • Katona József is the famous theater of the Hungarian capital
Objective / insight
  • Reconnecting a younger audience and improving the perception of theater Katona József (more current and more relevant)
Implemented strategy
  • Every day during two weeks, creation of a play based on current events.
  • Less than 8 hours, creating a story, set for a stages and costumes recording and publishing an one-minute extract downloadable from the news sites.
Technology implemented
  • Using Learning Machine to identify the most consulted subjects that have been selected in order to realize the plays.
  • Programmatic advertising to deliver the videos
  • More than 300,000 views recorded during the two weeks
  • Number of people born after 1985 who bought a ticket : +137%
  • 1 Million impressions
  • Evrey 7th person in the country knows the campaign
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