Fetch Across The Internet

  • Agency : BBDO New York
  • Place : U.S.A
Advertiser :
    • Pedigree Petfoods is a subsidiary of the American group Mars, Incorporated specializing in pet food.
Objective / insight

An innovative way for people to play with a dog – whenever and wherever they like.

Implemented strategy

The concept involves linking four social media platforms to create an epic game of fetch that stretches across the internet. This fun, interactive experience is an extension of Pedigree’s FEED THE GOOD™ campaign, and is another way to remind consumers of the joy dogs and humans can bring to each other.

Technology implemented

Users simply tap to keep the ball moving from a sponsored post on Facebook that opens into Canvas, then over to an Instagram Carousel, into YouTube and finally through to a Snapchat World Lens, where a real-life dog becomes an AR object that appears in the room with you.


The team united four of the biggest platforms for a completely unique user experience. Continuation rate was high : nearly all those opted to play Fetch across platforms chased the dog all the way across the internet until he reached the ball.


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