Google home of Whopper

  • Agency : DAVID
  • Place : United States
Advertiser :
  • Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.
Objective / insight
  • In our days where people are surrounded by advertising, getting audiences to listen & engage with a TVC is a struggle.
  • Voice search through smart devices like Google Home is set to seriously disrupt the ad world in the coming year.
  • Burger King wanted to promote its brand and burger by “hacking” into theses smart devices by TVC.
Implemented strategy
  • Burger king made a 15-second TVC in which an actor  says into the camera “Okay Google” telling the device to react to what is said next “what is The Whopper burger?” .
  • Then a Google Home device within earshot would be activated and read aloud the Wikipedia entry for the Whopper : the fresh ingredients and taste qualifiers, etc…
  • As Burger King and its agency weren’t sure how long Google would this activation to work on their device, therefore everything was set to happen around a 24 hour period.
Technology implemented
  • Voice activated devices such as Google Home are gaining adoption within US House-holds, with many keeping these devices in their living rooms near their TVs.
  • When the actor says “Okay Google” and asks questions about the whopper in the TV, Google Homme will be activated to answer the question.
  • Google then found a way to prevent the ad’s activation of Google Home devices, not long before it was due to be broadcast on TV screens. New versions, with extra audio edits, were launched. Within days after the spot aired, Google Home changed its software to recognize up to six voices only.
  • 15 million online-only views, vs. the 700,000 Google Home devices targeted.
  • 9.3 billion global impressions.
  • 500% increase in brand mentions in US.


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