Video Shopping with Google

  • Agency : Google
  • Place : Worldwide
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  • Google is an American multinational company specialized in Internet-related services and products such as advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing and software for smartphones and laptops.
Objective / insight
  • Google launched a new video shopping platform to help consumers discover new products with videos from video content creators and influencers. The project has been developed by Google’s R&D division Area 120.
  • The objective behind this tool is to be more present in the e-commerce world, like fellows such as Amazon with its Amazon Live and to expand the Google eco-system. Nowadays, the purchasing process is long which is due to the very large number of choices that can be found on the Internet for a single type of product. It is difficult for consumers to get a quick opinion, by fear of making a mistake and making a bad investment.
  • Google Shoploop gives the floor to video creators and especially influencers, who have managed to gain some legitimacy in the minds of consumers, who will find it easier to choose a product advised by one of them. With Google Shoploop, all the data will be gathered in one single app. Creators and influencers from YouTube will be able to demonstrate a product to their community in 90-seconds videos.
  • For the moment, Google Shoploop only works for cosmetics and beauty products. This app is part of a new range of products aimed at changing the consumption habits of consumers who are moving more and more towards digital. People have been relying more on digital tools with the coronavirus pandemic, which means that the online is becoming more important.
Implemented strategy
  • You can only access to Google Shoploop on mobile by taping in your mobile browser. You will be redirected to the application page as Shoploop does not have a proper application on the different app stores at this moment. The application works as a social media where you can scroll vertically to consult the different videos available depending on the type of content that you want to see and/or buy.
  • For the moment, the content is exclusively focused on the beauty industry, so the different slots of the application are in relation with that field. You have a profile linked to your Google account, where is stored all the information linked to your experience on the app.
  • The 90-seconds video is generally created by someone who makes a demonstration of a product, by listing all its attributes and how to use the product. It is basically like you are in a beauty store where you can test a product and be advised of its efficiency, but at home. While scrolling down and watching the videos, if a product catches your attention, you can either save it to buy it later, either click on the link that will redirect you to the brand website in order to complete your purchase.
Technology implemented
  • Google Shoploop is powered by Google Inc. The service gives you access to an interactive video gallery with tons of beauty products reviews from experts.
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