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  • Agency : Marcel
  • Place : France
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  • Carrefour is a French international hypermarket chain and Google, the largest search engines on the web.
Objective / insight
  • With more than 500 million of active users and 46% of French people already using the Google assistant, the French hypermarket chain Carrefour and the leader of the web Google, launched on June 16th a new service.
  • According to Carrefour, it takes an hour to purchase an average of 40 products on the website.
  • Therefore, this new technology allows people to do food shopping with their voice with Google’ assistant exclusively available in France for the moment, with a smartphone or a vocal assistant.
  • For 18 months, Google and Carrefour developed a new solution tracking down previous purchases and users’ habits to provide a simpler way to do online shopping.
Implemented strategy
  • It takes 3 steps to use this new solution:
  • 1st step: say, “Ok Google, I want to do shopping”.
  • 2nd step: list all the products you want to add to your basket: brand, category or specific products (such as words like “milk”, “butter” or expressions like “Carrefour’s cheese”). Google will then convert it and suggest brands or specific products available on for the consumer.
  • The last step is to finalize the order with the payment and choose the delivery method (at home, pick and collect…) and use advantages such as loyalty points.
  • If the user doesn’t have a Carrefour’s history of purchases, Google’s assistant can make recommendations depending on Carrefour best-selling products, taking into account a sample of 50 000 clients in a 6 months period. It’s on that criteria that Google picks the most popular products.
  • Also, Google algorithm determines the best Carrefour’s sold products and the best attached price.
Technology implemented
  • By picking products, Google transforms it in a proposition of personalized references. If the consumer already has bought Carrefour’s products, Google uses its purchase’s track to pick products already bought or preferences such as local products, organic products or brands.
  • Also, Google analyzes the usual quantity of the buyer and the interesting special offers. This way, Carrefour and Google account must be related so that Google adapts itself the fastest. If a product doesn’t suit you, you can of course change it or just delete it before finalizing the order.
  • All of this process is done without Google collecting any user’s personal data.
  • Another function available is the shared list. A customer can send the list to a member of its family for example or to a roommate. But for those who rather be the only user of this new system, an optional biometric authentication functionality named “Voice Match” allows the assistant to only trust the owner voice
  • Only launched in the end of June 2020, Google and Carrefour have not yet communicate on the performance of this new service.


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