Gucci dresses our feet

  • Agency : Gucci
  • Place : Australia
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  • Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to exchange pictures and videos available for a short amount of time.
  • Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of fashion, owned by Kering.
Objective / insight
  • Snapchat has noticed that many luxury brands use their platform as a way to interact with people. Several brands from the fashion industry have shown their interest on this technology that will give them a way to be more creative. In fact, luxury brands want to appeal to new audiences and they are aware that the next big markets will come from the Z and millennials generations.
  • There is also the COVID-19 that has been quarantining people all around the world and preventing them from shopping in real stores. That is why companies choose to use this innovative way of communication in order to stay in touch with their targets present in social media. It has been a long time since Snapchat is developing its AR features from the app that were unveiled during its 2020 Snap Partner Summit.
  • Snapchat partners with Gucci for its first world-wide campaign by using AR technology in order to allow people to try Gucci shoes through Snapchat. Snapchat has announced several functions to help the brand showcasing their products and optimizes the brand experience for customers.
  • This year, AR activities have known a real boom among Snapchat customers. We could consider it as a key feature of the app. In fact, Snapchat has announced that 75% of their 218 million audience are using the Lens function with a boost in the time spent with Lens.
Implemented strategy
  • To use the “Try-on” feature, you need to go on Gucci’s Snapchat to have access to the different Lenses. Lenses are the AR versions of the famous filters from Snapchat that can do magic on several faces. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to use 4 models of Gucci shoes (Gucci’s Rhyton, Tennis 1977, Screener, and Gucci Ace).
  • You just need to aim your feet with the camera of your smartphone and the technology will allow you to see a preview of what the shoe will look like on you.
  • Each Lens contains 2 shoes that you try via the app. Then you have the possibility to buy it instantly via the “Shop Now” button.
  • The Snapchat application is available on IOS and Android smartphones. The “Try-on” campaign has been first launched in Australia and is now available in other countries such as the US, the UK, UAE, Japan, Saudi Arabia and France.
Technology implemented
  • The technology used for the Snapchat functionality is augmented reality (AR), used with AR Lens available on Snapchat, that can add 3D effects, new characters and animations to your snaps.
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