• Agency : VCCP LONDON
  • Place : UK & Ireland
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  • Cadbury, is a British multinational confectionery company fully owned by Mondelez International since 2010. It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Mars. Cadbury is internationally headquartered in Uxbridge, west London, and operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. It is known for its Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box, and many other confectionery products. One of the best-known British brands, in 2013 The Daily Telegraph named Cadbury among Britain’s most successful exports.
Objective / insight
  • Due to the global pandemic, physical interactions have been incredibly reduced. VCCP decided to connect people across the UK with generosity, the central value of the Cadbury brand. VCCP turn this Easter tradition, explaining how hiding an egg can be a generous act for a loved one.
  • Therefore, they launched the ‘Cadbury Worldwide Hide’ which is a virtual Easter egg hiding experience where consumers can hide an Easter egg.
  • The Cadbury Worldwide Hide website was open from 9th March 2021 to 29th March 2021 for online purchase. The free to play option continued and ran until 5th April 2021.
Implemented strategy
  • First you have to sign up on the ‘Cadbury Worldwide Hide platform’, the next step is to hide your easter egg on the map, then write a clue for your loved one. (the level of difficulty is up to you!).
  • Little tip from Cadbury, choose a place which is special to both you !
  • Once you have written it, send it their way. After that, when your loved one received your special clue, they can start searching on the map for their egg.
  • The other option Cadbury offers is to ‘hide a real Easter egg’ for £15, which means when you loved one finds the egg you’ve hidden on the virtual map, Cadbury will send them a real egg in the post! And do not worry if your loved one can’t find your hidden egg: it will still get sent to them at the end of the promotion period.
  • Whatever your choice, don’t forget to wish them luck, the world is a pretty big place !
Technology implemented
  • VCCP developed a scalable cloud platform that ensures a seamless user to create a unique hide & seek experience by using Google Maps Streets View.
  • On Cadbury’s social media pages, the brand said that over 330,000 eggs have now been hidden for loved ones all over the world.


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