Hope Never Dies

  • Agency : Tencent Technology
  • Place :  China
  • Tencent is a Chinese technology company which runs Wechat and QQ, the most used instant messaging applications in China.
Objective / insight


  • Children abduction cases occur in China every day, but few of those children can be fund in a short time
  • Several years after the abduction, great changes of facial appearance make it extremely difficult for people to recognize lost children by old photos
  • As one of the biggest social platforms in China, Tencent QQ Instant Messenger has more than 860 million users and wanted to launch the “QQ Alert” project to help people find their missing ones
Implemented strategy


  • The project is realized in cooperated with the largest child-seeking NGO in China and with the Chinese Ministry of Public security system and the Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • The families who have lost their Children are invited to upload the children’s photo, QQ Alert will start the Large-Scale Face Retrieval in massive photo gallery stock inside the platform of QQ
  • The system will present the face matching results instantly
Technology implemented


  • A database of more than 10 millions samples is established inside the system, which has conducted billions of trials
  • By deep-learning the transformation pattern of facial features, the system is able to simulate a person’s appearances years ago from a photo taken today
  • The cross-age face match accuracy achieves up to 99.8%


  •  QQ Alert has launched a total of 286 cases, and 176 missing people was successfully recovered.