The Humanz House party

  • Agency : B-Reel
  • Place :  Worldwide
  • Gorillaz, a world famous virtual music band
Objective / insight
  • After a 6-year break, Gorillaz was about to promote a new album, called Humanz
  • Beside the album, the band also wished to offer a live experience to potential consumers, letting them experience the Gorillaz universe and giving them the opportunity to share with the whole fan community
Implemented strategy
  • Gorillaz first launched an app, simply called Gorillaz, which enabled fans to enter a mix-reality world thanks to their smartphone camera, superimposing elements of comic-book artist and band-member Jamie Hewlett’s imagination into the fan’s surroundings
  • Once the app was downloaded, the fans were invited to a mixed-reality house party. 500 locations, from Tokyo to Santiago, were chosen and attendees could hear for the first time Gorillaz’ new album
Technology implemented
  • A Multi-platform app was used as cornerstone of the new offerings
  • Augmented and virtual reality enabled fans to enter the universe of the band
  • The 360° environment gave the feeling to assist to a concert, not only to listen to music
  • Thanks to geolocation, fans could find the nearest virtual house party and interact with other members of the community
  • The trailer has been seen 1.5 million times on Youtube
  • The app has been downloaded over 100k in the first 24 hours
  • The first sales week of the album was the best in Gorillaz’ history
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