The Impossible Tattoo

  • Agency : Anomaly Amsterdam
  • Place : The Netherlands
Advertiser :
  • T-Mobile is a mobile phone operator which offers phone and mobile service with Internet. The operator is part of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom Ag and is present worldwide but especially known in North America where it is the third mobile phone operator under the name of T-Mobile US. T-Mobile is very present in other countries such as the Netherlands.
Objective / insight
  • The 5G is a new standard wireless technology created to be used to optimize our different networks. It promises better connection, with more speed and fewer lags. This technology will be able to get connected to a lot of devices with high fluidity. To sum up, it means greater rapidity, lower latency and a larger number of devices which can be connected simultaneously with the same connection, that will help adjust the connectivity to the 5G with particular desires and unexplored needs from the consumer. Mobile operators are aware of the power of the 5G technology and most of them have already incorporated it into their offers.
  • T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the mobile operators which have deployed the 5G tech in their zones of action. In fact, 5G technology promises a lot but is not perfectly controlled by operators that are looking for functions that correspond to them and meet the expectations of their customers. The goal of this campaign is to create new services benefiting from 5G technology in order to innovate their services.
  • By giving new ways to deal with 5G technology, T-Mobile Netherlands ensures itself as the one carrying the best network in the country. The company has created a remote tattoo system, that enables people to get tattoos remotely and which functions with the power of T-Mobile’5G technology. The appearance of this service coincides with the arrival of multiple services created to help the populations deal with the social distancing summoned by the COVID-19. People like tattoos artists need to work and it is not obvious to everyone in the world to go out nowadays, even in your own country. Those services facilitate the work of many and can make our life easier and simpler.
Implemented strategy
  • Thanks to the 5G technology, a tattoo artist can control the arm of a robot without having to be in the same room as the robot. The tattoo artist will draw the design on a false arm, which will be replicated by the robot on a real arm remotely. The “Impossible Tattoo” is basically someone giving you a tattoo in real time using a robot arm controlled by 5G technology. The operation functions with no delay, which warranties that the operation is executed the more precisely possible. It is like having the tattoo artist at home.
  • The experience has been worked on in order to be the more realistic that it can, the arm has been tested in different fake skins and vegetables before the first tattoo on a human body. Moreover, the tattoo artist in the video has been involved in the development of the arm, in order to give its expertise and make sure to help The Mill’s Experience team to do well on the creation.
  • The Mill’s Experience Team is the team that built the arm of the robot, and that also capture the footage of the first try-out. Their goal was to shape the arm so that the arm do not have any visible flaws and capable of reproducing the techniques of tattooing with authenticity and efficacy.
Technology implemented
  • ‘The Impossible Tattoo’ is a connected robot arm powered by T-Mobile’s 5G technology. This next generation is set up to shape the future of technology, by creating new possibilities in terms of connectivity and internet in general. 5G ensures excellent management of the remote hand, without latency and with great fluency.
  • Indeed, with the 5G, systems can be control by handsets, services can be inter-connected and it can bring greater capacity to networks and further the experience on our vehicles, smartphones etc.…
  • Stijn Fransen, a Dutch actress, has been the first one that received the world’s first 5G tattoo made by “The Impossible Tattoo” system.


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