In-Video Advertising

  • Agency : FUSE
  • Place : France
Advertiser :
  • TF1 Pub is a French advertising sales agency created in 1987. It markets the advertising space of the TF1 group’s channels in France.
  • As for Mirriad, it is a computer vision and AI-powered platform company which connects people with brands through seamless ad insertions in digital content.
Objective / insight
  • As part of its innovation approach, TF1 Group has built a partnership with the British start-up Mirriad in 2018. This partnership allows TF1 Pub to offer a new premium advertising solution.
  • This solution consists of a virtual product placement and allows brands to benefit from :
    • A fluidity with a natural integration of their products in a TV show or movie thanks to augmented reality and AI ;
    • A better engagement directly within the content, where the viewer’s attention is the strongest ;
    • A potency with the product’s integration within the TV show or movie broadcasted on different screens ;
    • A flexibility and reactivity in the execution thanks to a post-production integration.
Implemented strategy
  • This technological solution is a first in France and revolutionizes the actual product placement.
  • This solution allows brands to insert visual elements such as products, logos or posters directly in a TV content such as TV show or movie.
Technology implemented
  • SEAT was the first brand to benefit from this partnership and innovation through TF1 show “Demain nous appartient”.
  • This first In-Video Advertising for SEAT has used the augmented reality technology and has been inserted in post-production.
  • Indeed, on the contrary of the classical product placement, in video advertising technology is applied once the TV show is shot and edited.
  • TF1 Pub commercializes a 10 seconds exposition package for this integrated format which happen to be non-skippable.
  • The package is composed of 5 “ad units” (5 series of 10 seconds exposition) and is sold for 50.000€ net and guarantee 4 million impressions by “ad unit”, being the average audience of “Demain nous appartient” TV serie.
  • SEAT brand’s performance has been greatly impacted by this virtual product placement :
    • Spontaneous awareness : +4 pts
    • Brand appeal : +13 pts
    • Positive opinion : +24 pts
    • Confidence : +22 pts
    • Want to talk about the brand : +15 pts
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