JFK Unsilenced

  • Agency : Rothco (part of Accenture Interactive)
  • Place : UK
  • The Times, a British newspaper
Objective / insight
  • In order to attract more readers, The Times tries to bring new perspectives to the news, past, present or future.
  • For they latest marketing campaign, they therefore chose an internationally famous event, the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas on November, the 22nd, 1963, and worked with Rothco, an agency part of Accenture Interactive, that is especially renowned for it’s big data expertise.
Implemented strategy
  • JFK was not chosen randomly. Many of his speeches went down in history and the values he upheld, such as freedom, power, wisdom or restraint, are still shared by many people nowadays.
  • The Time therefore decided to recreate the speech JFK was due to deliver in Dallas, with JFK’s own original voice.
  • Promotional teasers and ads helped to create excitement around the marketing campaign
Technology implemented
  • 831 JFK speeches were analysed by an AI.
  • Sound engineering was used to recreated JFK’s voice.
  • The world first AI audio speech, entirely made out of data, was produced.
  • Coverage in 59 countries, including by all rival newspapers
  • 1 billion editorial reach
  • 26 million social media reach
  • €8.9 million Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE)


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