Pizza Hut x KFC Kitchen

  • Agency : Ogilvy
  • Place : Hong-Kong
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  • Pizza Hut is a franchised fast-food restaurant chain headquartered in the Dallas, Texas area. It specializes in pizza, but its menu also include salads, desserts and pasta dishes.
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is an American fast-food chain, based in Louisville, Kentucky and known for its recipes based on fried chicken.
Objective / insight
  • Two of the best fast-food franchises in the market have chosen to partner -up in order to give a limited-edition product, combining two from the most famous ingredients present in their catalog.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s introduce the “Popcorn Chicken Pizza”. The final product is a pizza that features Pizza Hut’s crispy crust and the Popcorn Chicken from KFC. All of that is combined with a lot of cheese, mushrooms and sweet corn. The move does not stop here because a video game has been launched for the occasion in order to share a good time with a friend.
  • Pizza Hut and KFC’s “Popcorn Chicken Pizza” will be exclusively available in Hong Kong.
Implemented strategy
  • The video game that comes with the exclusive recipe from the moguls of the fast-food industry allows you to prepare the recipe of the Chicken Popcorn Pizza “against the clock” with the friend.
  • Players have to knead the dough, fry the chicken popcorn, and bake the pizza. Once those tasks completed in the time given, players will win Pizza Hut and KFC coupons which can be used immediately. In the game, you can play as the two mascots of the brands, that are Colonel Sanders and the Pizzatainer.
  • Marketing Director at Pizza Hut Hong Kong, Wendy Leung, said: “The Pizza Hut x KFC Chicken Popcorn pizza brings the best of both worlds together. This mobile game based on teamwork is a great way to engage with our fans and consumers whilst also increasing awareness of our brand and food innovation credentials”.
Technology implemented
  • The video game is called Teamwork and has been created by the agency, The game is actually available via the following link :
  • Unknown


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