Adults with kids’ voices

  • Agency : UK’s Quiet Storm
  • Place : U.S.A
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  • Haribo is a German manufacturer of gummi products founded in 1920 by the German confectioner Hans Riegel. It takes its name from its inventor and its city of origin, Bonn: Hans Riegel Bonn.
Objective / insight
  • Brands are using more and more technological tools within their advertising campaigns. This allows them to attract the attention of the viewers, knowing that they will show a greater interest for this type of campaign, which will have given them emotion.
  • Consumers want to feel involved, concerned about what they see, and this will lead to a purchase. Brands have understood this and are increasing their ingenuity to involve their audience in their advertising campaigns.
  • Through their advertisements, brands like Haribo call their customers to participate in an activity: making videos with AR lenses that will transform their voices into children’s voices and make them win gifts like a year’s supply of Haribo sweets.
  • Last year, the Haribo Kids voice campaign made the consumers buy more candies from Haribo. Latest « Kids’ Voices » campaign comes as people are increasing their candy purchases during the holiday season.
  • A large majority of the U.S. (about 90%) said that they celebrate the holidays’ season with chocolate and candy, while 80% will buy as much or more chocolate and candy than normal this year (survey conducted by the National Confectioners Association). Many people want to keep up with their traditions and buying candies can provides comforts as well as giving them a sensation of nostalgia.
Implemented strategy
  • You just must log on Instagram, go to Haribo’s page, use the AR lens Put at your disposal by Haribo then share z video of you using this lens and telling a story of your childhood. 5 people will be drawn to try to win one year of Haribo candies.
  • Rick LaBerge, Chief Operating Officer, HARIBO of America said, « Over the years, our ‘Kids’ Voices’ Boardroom TV ad has brought endless joy and laughter to our consumers, exemplifying our value of childlike happiness. With the new « Library » spot, we’re excited to surprise and delight our gummi fans around the U.S. and we’re looking forward to seeing the sweepstakes entries and hearing their stories. »
Technology implemented
  • The technology used in this campaign is the AR technology that helps transform the voice of people on kids voice in their videos, which recreates the atmosphere brought to you by the campaign.
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