Know you again

  • Agency : Baidu
  • Place : China
  • Baidu is a Chinese Internet company who has created the most used search engine in China.
Objective / insight
  • The number of Alzheimer patients in china is the highest in the world : above 9 million
  • The Association “Alzheimer Disease China” wished create an innovative solution to help all Alzheimer’s sufferers in China. In collaboration with Baidu, they created an AI glasses for Alzheimer’s patients to
  • Alzheimer Disease China decide to collaborate with Baidu for create an Ai glasses for Alzheimer’s patients to help them recognize family members, pets and the people that matter most in their lives.
Implemented strategy
  • The Ai glasses are connected to their deep learning network to detect and recognizes faces
  • People need to use their smartphone to connect to Baidu’s Deep Learning Network and to upload photo and voices clips of family members
  • When people use Ai Glasses, the system scans the contours of the eyes, nose and chin
  • When the face recognition fails, speaker recognition is enabled
  • The deep learning Network analyzes the data and informs the patient via built-in speaker
Technology implemented
  • The Ai glasses are equipped with Infrared sensor, cloud computing interface, speaker and microphone.
  • Integrated Baidu’s Deep Learning Network identifies faces and speech biometrics
  • The glasses use a highly optimized parallel algorithm and larger deep neural networks models
  • Trained a very deep convolutional neural network
  • The networks can detect different speech patterns to identify different speakers
  • The precision rate of face recognition is 99,77%
  • Baidu face recognition is listed among « 10 breakthrough technologies 2017 » of the MIT technology Review
  • It could be the great advanced solution for all Alzheimer’s patients
  • The creation is priced differently all around the world