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  • Agency : Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam
  • Place : The Netherlands
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  • Volvo is a Swedish builder of premium and luxury cars founded in 1927.
Objective / insight
  • In the Netherlands, 17 000 people are struck by cardiac arrest every year.
  • People must be given care within 6 minutes: it is crucial because starting CPR with AED within 6 minutes doubles the chance of survival.
  • After those 6 minutes, the rate of survival then decreases by 10% per minute.
  • On average, rescuers or ambulances take on average 9 minutes to reach the incident location, which is often too late.
  • In order to block this situation, Volvo would like to engage its drivers in case of cardiac arrest.
  • In Netherlands there are not enough automated external defibrillator (AED), particularly in the north east of the country. They then decided to launch a trial of Volvo lifesaver in this area first.
Implemented strategy
  • The aim of Volvo is to save lives with the new Volvo.
  • It is a car equipped with a portable AED which is also connected to the national emergency call system for resuscitation, Heart RateNow.
  • From the moment a cardiac arrest is reported at 112, the Volvo equipped with Lifesaver and nearby driving is immediately notified via “Volvo On Call” system.
  • Then, the driver is automatically navigated with the GPS to bring the AED and start CPR.
Technology implemented
  • With 9000 € of budget, the company recruited 25 Volvo’s drivers volunteers on social media.
  • The brand then invited them to join the program and trained them into using the AED in their Volvo but also to drive safely to cardiac arrest victims.
  • 200 drivers enlisting within the first two weeks.
  • The project generated so much buzz that the aim is now to make the program national and, then international.


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