Little bit of the tour

  • Agency : Fallon
  • Place : UK
  • Skoda, a Czech car manufacturer, subsidiary of the Volkswagen group
Objective / insight
  • Skoda was founded 120 years ago as a bike manufacturer
  • Since then, it has become an international car brand, which has to differentiate itself from many competitors in a large number of countries, including the UK.
  • To do so, Skoda decided to focus its marketing efforts on bike lovers.
Implemented strategy
  • Instead of launching traditional marketing campaigns, Skoda chose to develop a free service: people visiting their website could choose a stage of the tour de France and find a similar route (in terms of number of kilometers, gradients, etc.) near their home according to matching algorithms
  • The service was developed through a platform available directly from Skoda’s website.
Technology implemented
  • Millions of British roads have been analysed to form large databases
  • Matching algorithms have been created to compare the 21 stages of the last Tour de France with millions of roads in the UK
  • An online platform on Skoda’s website was made available to the public
  • 33 000 unique users
  • 3 million media impressions
  • 40% increase in brand awareness
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